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About Us

Here at H. V. Realty Services we consider honesty and professionalism as paramount to your success. We have been in the business of selling houses, land and commercial property and apartments for 8 years and operate with integrity and in a professional manner.

We sell, rent and list properties all over the island and no property is too small or too large for us to handle.

H. V. Realty Services was initiated in year 2005 where we offered a number of residential land developments for sale as well as a number of houses, new and existing for sale and rent. Managing director Herbert Niles brought just over 10 years of experience to the company at its inception.

Our Services include:

  • Residential sales
  • Commercial sales & rentals
  • Residential rentals
  • Short term rentals
  • Property upgrades and maintenance
  • Construction (new building or renovations)
  • Sourcing and recommending land surveyors and engineers
  • Sourcing and recommending of Attorneys